Recommended for Case Workers and Managers

Delivered online via video conference

Duration is 1 hour

About this course

Section A – Introduction & Objectives

Section B – How did you transition to working from home?

  • How did the lockdown affect your working arrangements? Did you work from home during the period of lockdown, and how will you return to the office?
  • Did your staff need any assistance from Osprey to commence working from home?
  • Did you seek assistance from any other organisation for your staff to be able to work from home?
  • What equipment did your staff use to work from home

Section C – How did you attract new clients and take new instructions?

  • How did you take telephone calls?
  • How did you take new instructions during lockdown?
  • Do you have a link on your website to the new client enquiry area of Osprey to receive enquires from potential new clients?
  • Have you considered automated chat bots or quote calculators on their website? Do they have one already?
  • How do you record the number of new enquiries you receive and the number of them that convert to paying clients? How do you run reports on these figures?

Section D – How did you manage your matters, access files and generate documents?

  • Do you use the Case Management App?
  • Are you aware of the Focused Apps, are you using any?
  • How do you access their case files?
  • How do you generate documents and forms?
  • Do you use Workflows in Osprey?
  • Are you aware of the Office 365 add-ins?
  • Were you concerned about compliance during lockdown? How did you deal with that?

Section E – How did you communicate with clients and third parties?

  • Do you use the Web Access Portal?
  • How do you use it?
  • Have you used the SMS text message integration to stay in touch with clients?
  • Have you used a digital signing tool? Was this new for lockdown?

Section F – How did you manage accounts and time recording?

  • How did the accounts team continue working during lockdown?
  • Do you use requisitions in Osprey?
  • How did fee-earners record time?
  • Are you aware of the Time Recording App and Focused Time Recording Apps?