Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

This report allows you to print and reprint year end reports. It does not run the year end procedure, which is performed in the Supervisor area. Use this option if you need to reprint any year end reports where the year end has been run in Osprey.

Filter options

Report Type – Choose the report that you wish to print from here. Available options are Nominals (prints all nominal ledgers in full detail), Purchase Ledgers (prints all purchase ledgers in full detail) and Trial Balance.

Branch – Select the branch that you wish to print the reports for, or leave set to All for all branches.

Currency – Choose the currency that you want to report on.

Year – Select the financial year that you wish to print the year end reports for.

List of columns produced

NominalsPurchase LedgersTrial Balance
Nominal Ledger CodePurchase Ledger CodeAccount Code
Nominal Ledger DescriptionSupplier NameType (BS, EX)
Nominal Type (BS, EX)Branch CodeAccount Description
Branch CodeDepartment CodeYear to Date DR
Department CodePosting DateYear to Date CR
Posting DatePosting Detail 
Posting DetailPosting Reference 
Posting ReferenceAmount 
Nominal AmountPosting Type 
VAT amountNominal Ledger Account 
Posting TypeNominal Ledger SAC 
Second Nominal (if applicable)  
Second Nominal SAC (if applicable)