Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

Trial Balance – shows the current balance of Nominals, Banks, and Journals.


Branch  – Defaults to All – can select an individual branch from the drop down

Department – Defaults to All – can select a Department from the drop down list.

Currency – Defaults to the Default currency –  Other live currencies can be selected from the drop down list.

Show Legal Aid Counsels Fees – tick this box to show CFDebtors and CFees

Summarise Nominals – tick this box to list only the header records

Show this period – tick this box to fill in figures for This Period


Account     type   Description,  This period Dr , This period Cr,  Year to date Dr.    Year to date Cr.

The last four columns are Totalled at the bottom of the report.


If selecting summarise nominals, only the header is shown for each nominal with the sum of the sac codes.    Selecting not to summarise the nominals will show all sub analysis codes ( SAC) that have balances.

By default Counsel fees are not included,  Nominals are summarised and only year to date figures are shown.