Who is this guide for?

Case Workers, Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

Your fee earners will be able to set up reminders, which will allow them to keep track of certain matters. This guide will go through how to do this.

Step 1

Navigate to the Osprey Home area. You can either right-click and select a matter to review from here or go to amend an existing one or add a new one.

The Review fields are towards the bottom of the Add/Edit Matter page.

The Review Type provides 2 functions:

1. If you use the date without the qualifier, the reminder will display on the date set and on every following day until the Review date is re-set.

2. If the Next Review date is set with a qualifier, then the reminder will be displayed at the intervals indicated by the qualifier. For example, if you set up a Matter with a Next Review date of 12/01/2008 and a qualifier of Monthly, a reminder will be displayed on 12/02/2008, 12/03/2008 and so on.  

Acceptable entries for the qualifier and examples of their use are shown below:

Matters can be reviewed by posting time or financial entries to update the Last Movement Date (LMD). It is also possible to edit the matter to change the review options manually.

Review Period is not linked to the Next Review date function. It only works for users defined as Fee Earners. The period is entered as a number of days.

If you have a matter with a Last Movement Date (LMD) of 07/03/2008 and today’s date is 05/06/2008 and the Review Period is set to 90, a reminder will be displayed. Similarly if a Review Period is set and the LMD is blank, a reminder will be displayed.

Osprey subtracts the Review Period number from today’s date, and then compares the result to the LMD. So in the example above, 05/06/2008 minus 90 = 08/03/2008. This date is compared to the LMD, in this case 07/03/2008.

If the date is greater than or equal to the LMD the review reminder will be displayed every day from then on until an amendment is made to the Matter and the LMD is updated.