Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

This report shows postings on the Purchase Ledger and shows whether payments have been allocated, part allocated or not allocated to their respective invoices. The report appears in Purchase Ledger Code order.

Filter options

Branch  – Select to print information for All branches or select a branch here.

Department  – Select to print information for All departments or select a department here.

PL Allocations OS – Choose to report on all purchase ledger postings, only allocated transactions or just those transactions which have not as yet been allocated.

Currency – select the currency you wish to report on.

Date Filters – Enter the date range you want to report on here.

List of columns produced

Purchase Ledger Code

Purchase Ledger Description

Posting Date

Posting Type

Posting Details

Posting Reference

Posting Value

Amount Paid (if allocated)

Balance remaining on transaction (e.g. if posting value is £89 and amount paid is £89, then balance will be £0)