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Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

Allocated Office Receipt postings completed between two selected dates.  This is an extra option report, where the supervisor setting switch is set to allow Analyse costs received.


Fee Earner  – Ticking this box brings up a list of Fee Earners to select, if only one, or a group of Fee Earners are required.

Work type  –  Ticking this box brings up a list of Work Types to select if only one, or a group of Work Types are required

Currency – Drop down list of available currencies. Only those that are in use are visible.

Posting Date – compulsory fields. Select the date range for the report from and to. The dates can be entered into the boxes provided in the format dd/mm/yyyy or the dates can be selected from the square dates button. Selecting the dates button brings up the calendar to select a date.

Report Type  –  Drop down list to select list or summary.  List allows the result to be show as individual postings.  

Summary shows only the sum of postings during the selected date range.


No Grouping

Fee earner

Work Type



Client   /   Matter   /  Surname /   Receipts   /   Allocated     /   unallocated

(List Transactions)

Client/Matter   /    ClientName   / Post Date   /  Post Ref   /   Notes   /  Office  /  Disbs  /  VAT  / Receipt Total  /  Allocated  /  Unallocated  /  F/e  /  W/t