Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

This report details the balance on office, client, disb, deposit and work in progress for all live matters

The filter options

  • Fee Earner.  Select one or more Fee Earners
  • Work Type.  Select one or more Work Type
  • Executive.  Select one or more Supervising Fee Earners
  • Branch.  Report on All branches or a particular branch
  • Private or LA.  Select All, Private or LA (Legal Aid) matters
  • Currency.  Select the Currency type you wish to report on
  • Include Zero Balances.  Yes/No option to enable you to exclude Zero balances and thus produce a shorter report
  • Exclude Future Postings.  Yes/No option to exclude Future Postings so that you can report on the current period
  • Last Movement Dates.  Select either Ledger Last Movement Date or the Time Last Movement Date; shows the date of the last posting of that type on the matter
  • Fee Earner/Supervising Fee Earner.  Report will either display the FE code or the code of the Supervising FE
  • Summary Only.  If Yes Selected only the report totals will be displayed, not details per client/matter.  Useful when reconciling Debtors to TB, etc
  • Date Filtering.  Enter dates from for relevant posting type to show matters where that type of posting have been entered within the specified date range
  • Client Dates
  • Office Dates
  • Disbursement Dates
  • Deposit Dates
  • Time Dates
  • Balance Filtering.  Select from options of

<> is not equal to

= is equal to

> greater than (also option to set range)

>= greater than or equal to (also option to set range)

< is less than

<= is less than or equal to

Apply these options and enter a value against one or more of the following categories

            Client Balances

            Office Balances

            Disbursement Balances

            Deposit Balances

  • And Or.  These options refer to the Balance Filtering, for example

Office > 0.00, Client > 0.00 And.  This would return only matters with both Office and Client balances greater than 0.00

Office > 0.00, Client > 0.00 Or.  This would return matters with either an Office balance greater than 0.00 or Client balance greater than 0.00 or matters with both Client and Office balances which are greater than 0.00

  • Ordering.    Listing by Client Name or Client Number
  • Grouping.  No Grouping, Fee Earner or Work Type.  Subtotals are shown at the end of each section and a new report page is started for each section

The Report Layout

  • Client/matter number
  • Client name
  • Matter Description
  • Fee Earner code
  • Work Type code
  • Office
  • Client
  • Disbursements
  • Deposit
  • Work in Progress
  • Ledger LMD (or Time LMD depending of filter option)
  • Matter LMD