Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

This report lists the bills that have been produced from Osprey according to the filters you select.

The filter options

  • Fee Earner.  Select one or more Fee Earner
  • Work Type.  Select one or more Work Type
  • Branch.  Report on All branches or a particular branch
  • Department.  Report on All departments or a particular department
  • Private or LA.  Reports on Private, LA or All matters
  • Date Filters.  Enter the date range you wish to report on
  • Grouping.  Subtotals are shown at the end of each section and a new report page is started for each section
  • No Grouping
  • Fee Earner by Work Type
  • Fee Earner by Period
  • Period by Fee Earner
  • Work Type by Period
  • Branch by Period
  • Type.  Further analysis is available
  • Bills Rendered by Ledger FE.  Shows the Ledger Fee Earner
  • Bills Rendered by Matter FE.  Shows the Matter Fee Earner

The Report Layout

  • Client/matter number
  • Client name
  • Fee Earner  (note that when you group FE by Period and select Matter FE when exported to Excel the FE code is the Matter FE and the FE Description is the Ledger FE)
  • Bill date
  • Transaction detail
  • Reference
  • VAT
  • Costs (excluding VAT)
  • Disbursements
  • Total inc disbursements