Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users and Accounts Supervisors

A list of purchase ledger account (Supplier) balances – split aged across 0 , 30, 60, 90 days


Branch.  Defaults to All – can select an individual branch from the drop down list

Department – Defaults to All – can select a Department from the drop down list.

Currency – Defaults to the Default currency –  Other live currencies can be selected from the drop down list.

Supplier No.  – Ticking this box brings up a list of suppliers to select if only one, or a group of suppliers are required.

Include Debit Balances.  Selecting this box allows the report to also list any suppliers who have a debit balance. This would allow the total of the report to equate to the figure for Trade Creditors on the trial balance.

As At  – Ticking this box allows the report to be produces for a historical date. Remember to put the / between the day, month and year.  i.e. 23/02/2007, or click on the box to the right. This will bring up the calendar to select a date from.


Order by    select from the drop down list  Account No.   or  Account Name

Grouping :  select from the drop down list  – No Grouping   or   Branch.


PL code   / Supplier Description   /  Balance    /  Bill Date (the last bill)  0-30days /  31/60 days  / 61/90 days  /     91 + days  / Debit Balance  /  Ms Alloc


Under each column for number of days, the amounts shown should add up to the total balance.  If there is a discrepancy, it should be shown as Ms-Alloc = Yes.